Not all Eviction Forms are the Same!

Most websites selling eviction forms are selling the same generic eviction notice form for every state. These websites advertise that their forms are "state-specific," yet all they do is allow you to change the notice period (3 day, 5 day, etc.) on each form. A generic form like that may not work for you, and could result in a judge requiring you to start the eviction process all over again. This is because most states have specific legal requirements for eviction forms.

Here at Eviction Resources, we research each state's eviction laws, read each state's landlord tenant code, view sample eviction forms put out by state governments, and have our forms created by an attorney. Our forms really are "State-Specific." For example, if you buy our Texas Eviction Notice (Notice to Vacate), you are getting a form that was created only for Texas and should only be used in Texas.