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The Illinois Eviction Notice is formally called a ‘Notice of Eviction.’ There are 3 different kinds of Notices of Eviction in Illinois: To evict a tenant for Non-Payment of Rent, the landlord must deliver a 5 Day Notice of Eviction. To evict a tenant for Lease Violations the landlord is required to deliver a 10 Day Notice of Eviction. Terminating a month-to-month or oral lease requires a 30 Day Notice of Eviction. Delivering this Notice of Eviction starts the eviction process. It forces the tenant to correct the problem or vacate the property. Usually after receiving this Notice of Eviction, your tenant will either correct the problem or move out.

Once you complete your purchase below, you will immediately be able to download the Illinois 5 Day Notice of Eviction (for non-payment of rent), the Illinois 10 Day Notice of Eviction (for lease violations), and the Illinois 30 day Notice of Eviction (for month-to-month and oral leases). You can open them using any word processor, including Microsoft Word.

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