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The first step in the Colorado Eviction Process is the landlord giving the tenant notice that they are going to evict. The Eviction Notice in Colorado is also called a ‘3 Day Demand for Compliance’ or a ‘3 Day Notice.’ It is a requirement that this notice be given to your tenant prior to an eviction case being filed. It gives the tenant 3 days to cure their default (pay the rent, remove unauthorized pet, etc.) or else they must vacate the property. It threatens them with a lawsuit for Forcible Entry and Detainer if they do not comply with your demand. Usually after receiving this Notice, your tenant will either comply with your demand or move out.

Once you complete your purchase below, you will immediately be able to download your Colorado Eviction Notice. Your notice comes in 2 formats: One that can be completed using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word), and another one that you can simply fill in by hand (in PDF Adobe Acrobat Format). Both come with instructions.

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