How To Evict Someone Who Lives With You

We get a lot of emails from people asking us how to evict a roommate or sometimes even a family member. Although this isemotionally different than a regular landlord tenant eviction, the legal process to evict is exactly the same.

To evict a roommate or family member, you MUST go through the same legal eviction process that your state provides for every one else. This means you must begin by serving that person with an Eviction Notice. Treat this person exactly as if they were a regular tenant leasing a rental property from you. However there usually is no lease in these situations, so most states require that you treat this person as if they were a tenant on a month to month lease, thus requiring a month's notice to vacate.

In conclusion, to begin evicting ANYBODY (tenant, roommate, family member, squatter, etc.), you should Read the eviction process for your State, Purchase the eviction notice, and Deliver it to the person you need to evict.

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