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When you are done reading about the Alabama Eviction Process below, we recommend you purchase the corresponding Alabama Eviction Notice to be delivered to your Tenant.

Eviction in Alabama:

In Alabama, you can terminate a lease at the end of the lease for any or no reason (you must give the amount of notice that the lease states). For lease violations or for non-payment of rent, you can terminate the lease at any time.

Civil Eviction in Alabama is called “Unlawful Detainer.” It is governed by the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 2007. Here are the steps to evict a tenant for Unlawful Detainer:

1. If you are evicting for non-payment of rent, give the tenant an Alabama Eviction Notice that gives them 7 days pay the rent or to vacate the property. If you are evicting for some other lease violation, you must give them an Alabama Eviction Notice giving them 14 days to fix the problem or vacate.

2. It is good to hand-deliver the form, AND send it certified mail. Keep a copy of it… you will need this later on!

3. If the tenant does not leave, you then file the complaint against them for “Unlawful Detainer.” Get this complaint from the court that handles evictions for the area where your property sits.

4. Once served with the lawsuit, the tenant will have 7 days to file a written objection.

5. If they do not file a written objection, you win the case and can have the sheriff remove the tenant.

6. If they do file a written objection, then you must show up for your court date and ask the judge to grant the eviction. You will have to claim that rent was not paid (or other lease violation was not cured), and prove that you gave proper notice (by showing a copy of the 7 day notice you gave the tenant).

Next Step: We recommend you purchase the corresponding Alabama Eviction Notice to be delivered to your Tenant.

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